Dave Jones
Green Lights
Room 101

6th June 2001

EST Statement

As well as the well documented ballot on the formation of Enfield Town FC, last night also saw an important vote on the following resolutions that are part on the Trust's evolution into an IPS....

This General Meeting of members is asked to approve the following resolutions, which are dependant on an Industrial and Provident Society (proposed as being known as Enfield Supporters' Society Limited) being registered:-

(1). That the constitution of the trust is altered in accordance with clause 11, so the clause 10 also allows, in the alternative for the transfer of trust property to any other supporters society which supports Enfield FC or any other football club in the London Borough of Enfield. The proposed new wording for Clause 10 is as follows: "The Trust may be dissolved only by resolution passed by a 75% majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting and any property remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be given to Enfield Supporters' Club or any other supporters' organisation promoting, supporting and otherwise assisting Enfield FC or any other football club in the London Borough of Enfield as the Executive Committee see fit."

(2). That this meeting approves the transfer of all assets and funds of the Trust to Enfield Supporters' Society Limited when (and if) registration of it has been effected after all liabilities have been met.

(3). That this meeting approves that the Trust be dissolved in accordance with clause 10 of the constitution of the Trust once the assets have been transferred to Enfield Supporters' Society Limited if and when it has been registered.

The resolutions were passed unanimously. Any questions regarding this or any other Trust matter can be emailed to the address above.

30th May 2001

EST Statement

No response was received from Tony Lazarou to the letter from the Enfield Supporters Trust (EST) to the Enfield Chairman giving him until 29 May to either significantly progress the agreement reached between the EST and himself in February or enter into alternative arrangements to allow the Trust to make appropriate plans for next season.

The Executive Committee of the EST met on 29 May and will now put the following motion to members at the meeting on 5 June. Members not able to attend will receive a ballot paper and have the opportunity to vote by post. The closing date for receipt of ballot papers will be 22 June 2001.

Ballot Question:-

Do you agree that in the event it is not possible to complete the transfer of the existing Enfield FC to the Enfield Supporters Trust (EST) for the start of season 2001/2002 the EST should seek to form a new Enfield football club, to be known as Enfield Town FC, to be based in Enfield and compete in the Essex Senior League from next season.


For this decision to be adopted a majority of 2/3rds of those voting is sought.

The reason the name of Enfield Town FC is being proposed follows informal discussions with the Middlesex FA, other clubs already hold the names Enfield Spartans and Enfield Borough.

Please make every effort to attend the meeting on 5 June in the Downs Bar at Brimsdown Sports and Social Club. 7.30 pm for 8 pm start. David Bryant

4th March 2001

Trust Appeal

I am writing to you about the latest position in our discussions with Tony Lazarou and to ask you to contribute whatever you can towards the necessary legal costs we will incur as part of the takeover process. These costs will run to several thousand pounds.

The EST believes that it is in the clubs best interests that the negotiations on the ownership of the club are completed as soon as possible and therefore regrets Tony's decision to stay on until the end of the season. We have a meeting with the Council and Tony Lazarou on Tuesday to discuss the heads of terms agreement and we will issue a full report after that meeting. Despite Tony Lazarou's latest decision the negotiations that will hopefully see him relinquish control of the club are now at a crucial stage. If these negotiations are successful the Enfield Supporters Trust in partnership with others who are committed to making a substantial contribution to the running of our club will take over the running and funding of Enfield Football Club.

It is proposed that when we obtain a new ground for the club in Enfield this will be held in the name of the Trust and leased to the football club for a nominal amount. This will help ensure that the club's new ground cannot be sold without the backing of the club's supporters. The Trust will also own a sizeable stake in the Football Club with directly elected representatives on the club's board. This will mean that Enfield supporters will have a bigger say in the running of their club than almost any other fans in the country.

If the negotiations with Tony Lazarou are successful we intend to use the 100K the Trust will receive from the escrow account solely for use on a new ground in Enfield. The Trust contribution to the running costs of the club will come primarily through trust members contributions. We have already received pledges from Trust members of over 500 per month which suggest that Trust members are prepared to make a substantial contribution to the funding of the club when it is under new ownership. As soon as the negotiations are completed we will be issuing a bank mandate to members to enable those that can to take out a regular standing order.

However before then we need to ensure that the negotiations with Tony Lazarou are completed successfully and that the interests of the Trust and the future of Enfield Football Club are properly safeguarded. This will involve considerable legal expenditure, in the region of several thousand pounds, and therefore it is essential that those supporters who can afford to make a contribution towards these costs do so. Any money remaining after legal costs are met will be reserved for expenditure on the new ground. If you are in a position to make a contribution to these legal costs however large or small please send a cheque payable to the Enfield Supporters Trust to 3 Gordon Hill, Enfield, EN2 0QP.

Dave Bryant
Chair, EST

16th February 2001

Enfield Supporters Trust meeting

Report on Trust Meeting 15/2/01

This meeting took place at The Downs, Brimsdown, and was attended by all members of the Trust's Executive Committee along with our legal advisors. A number of important issues were discussed regarding the future of not only the EST but Enfield Football Club itself.

The first part of the meeting involved the proposal to transform the Trust into an Industrial and Provident Society. Martin Cantrell explained the advantages of this move. An IPS is a superior organisation to a Trust if we want to achieve our goal of taking control of EFC. It is a very strict, non-profit making system with a constitution similar to that of the model constitution for a football community mutual recommended to us by Supporters Direct.

Such an IPS has in particular the twin objectives of:
i) promoting the development of the football club known as Enfield F.C.
ii) promoting and facilitating the development of schemes for football in the community in the borough of Enfield and adjacent areas.

The proposal the transform the Trust into an IPS was carried unanimously.

The second proposal was as follows:
Prior to the registration with the Registrar of Friendly Societies of an IPS with the twin objectives of promoting Enfield F.C. and promoting Football in the Community in the Borough of Enfield the EST, acting through it's Executive Committee, may for facilitating the objectives of the proposed IPS:
i) enter into any agreements or arrangements with third parties, including the London Borough of Enfield; and
ii) establish any companies or legal entities provided such agreements, arrangements or new bodies are recommended by the legal advisors to the EST as either necessary or desirable.

This proposal was also carried unanimously.

A report of recent Task Force meetings was then given which outlined the events leading up to the collapse of the proposed move to Brimsdown.

Finally, a report was then given of the Trust's negotiations with Tony Lazarou. It was reported that original negotiations had taken place when a local newspaper reported that Mr Lazarou was keen to talk to the Trust with a view to handing over control. Despite original negotiations being fruitless the Trust then received a call from Mr Lazarou's business associate Graham Cleever, indicating that Mr Lazarou would be ready to re-negotiate. A meeting between the Trust Exective Committee took place on Monday 5th February and despite an amicable meeting the gulf between the two parties was too big to agree a settlement. Both parties agreed that they would confer with theit advisors and meet again on Monday 12th February. At this meeting it became clear Mr Lazarou's stance had shifted quite considerably. The members of the Trust EC present agreed that under the circumstances it was the best offer they were likely to receive and a 'Heads of Agreement' document was drawn up.

The basis of the deal is such:

i) the membership of the Ryman League and F.A. is transferred from Enfield F.C. to the Enfield Supporters' Trust. ii) the sum of 100,000 is transferred to the EST from Enfield F.C. when the full sum in the ESCROW account is handed to Enfield F.C. iii) Enfield Supporters' Trust inherits all the playing contracts of Enfield F.C. but aside from those, a debt free club. iv) Enfield Supporters' Trust to receive 25% of any monies received from a 15% sell-on clause on Lee Marshall. v) 40,000 sponsorship (10,000 a year for four years) to be given to the Trust by Mr Lazarou in the event he is granted the Supporters' Link.

It was made clear that despite the fact that it seems a small amount of money when you consider what Mr Lazarou received from the sale of Southbury Road, he is not legally obliged to give us a penny. Mr Lazarou's claims for what has happened to the rest of the money were also given to the meeting. A letter was read from Peter Clayton of the Middlesex F.A. (and also a member of the Trust EC) recommending to the membership that it was the best offer we were likely to get. The Trust EC as a whole also recommended that the membership passed the proposals pertaining to the proposed agreement.

The proposals were as follows:
i) The EC agree the proposals negotiated with the present owner of EFC and aim to put these proposals in place by 15th March 2001 (an agreed deadline set by both sides)
ii) The Trust EC negotiate with potential financial backers to ensure the EST holds the title to any future ground in Enfield and has at least two full Directors in any future entity which operates as EFC.

Questions were asked from the floor on a number of items. It was made clear the Trust couldn't support the Club on it's own and would need to find about 80% of the running costs from it's backers who have agreed to do that. The backer for the time being wish to remain anonymous but the membership was assured that they are very serious and in a financial position the keep the Club afloat. It was also made clear that the Trust's solicitors would be going through the agreement with a fine tooth-comb to ensure there is nothing hidden and the Trust inherits the best possible situation. Club Secretary Roger Reed then endorsed the Trust EC's proposals and congraulated them on their conduct and negotiations.

Both proposals were passed unanimously.

Any questions, suggestions or offers of help can be sent to the Trust's address at 3 Gordon Hill, Enfield, Middx EN2 0QP.

Dave Bryant

19th December 2000

Statement from the directors of Enfield FC, the Supporters Trust and Supporters Club

The directors and Supporters of Enfield FC are united in their condemnation of the dismissal of Jim Chandler from the post of first team manager

During the summer of 1999 it was unanimously agreed at a Board meeting that Jim Chandler be apointed first team manager. This decision was reached in the knowledge that, with the move to a new ground and loss of revenue from the Starlight Suite the club would not be in a position to challenge for promotion to the Nationwide Conference for a short number of years. It was felt that this period could be used to nurture Jim Chandler, in his role as first team manager so that when the club was financially able to mount a serious challenge for the title Jim would have the experience to achieve our aims.

Tony Lazarou has now overridden that decision with out consultation with Board Members

In addition to the loss of Jim Chandler, last week also saw the departure of our first team coach Peter Hammett and physiotherapist Steve Gracie as well as our kit manager and general factotum Terry Smith. Each and every one of them had made a tremendous contribution to our club.

Following, among other things, the sale of our ground, the collapse of our highly regarded Football In The Community Scheme and the recent sale of our star player for a knock down price he has dealt yet another body blow to our club.

Jim was enormously successful as Youth and Reserve team manager and was showing every promise of becoming equally successful with the first team. In his first season he steered the team to the top of the league but with the lack of a settled home it was inevitable that the tumble down the table took place. The thrilling FA Cup run reminded us of glories past.

This season has seen an improvement in league form and the brand of football we have come to expect from Jim's teams was beginning to come through, most recently in the 2-0 win at Billericay.

It is the firm intention of the Directors and the wish of the vast majority of supporters that Jim Chandler is re-appointed first team manager on the day Tony Lazarou leaves Enfield Football Club. We all hope that day will not be long in coming.

Press notes by Peter Clayton (Middlesex County Football Association Secretary)

' All too often we see the survival of long standing football clubs being put at great risk by the sale of their major asset, their land. Look at other Middlesex clubs, Wealdstone and Southall - both clubs of great tradition and history. Both are nomadic, relying on ground shares but with no social club structure of their own they are gradually reducing their finances through the lack of bar takings.

'I am a member of the Enfield Supporters Trust, representing the County FA and find it worrying that Mr. Lazarou will only agree to the [Escrow] money being released without any preconditions as to what it should be used for -thus no guarantee that part, or indeed any of the estimated 750,000 remaining from the sale of Southbury Road will be used to provide a new stadium or to keep the club in the borough of Enfield.

If there is further prevarication, it might suggest to me that Tony Lazarou does not actually want to reinvest the proceeds of that sale for the benefit of the club. With his cards so close to his chest, we can only speculate that after, presumably, he has taken from the proceeds a repayment for his own investment in the club, he wants to lay claim on the rest of the money. He is on record that he will allow some of the money for work to be undertaken at Brimsdown Rovers but only if the rest is released to him for investment. Whilst he is sayingthat the benefit of that investment would go to the club, there is the understandable suspicion that the club would not see either the profit on that investment or the capital itself.

There appears to be no confidence in him as Chairman and that, coupled with the FA's compliance unit's review into the club's affairs suggests that he should at least agree to the money being released unconditionally so that the future of the club can be safeguarded.

As we have seen from the evidence of other clubs around the country, such as Maidstone, the way down the footballing ladder is a lot quicker than the way up.Enfield has too great a namein the non-professional game to fade away - even the thought of it having to drop out of the Ryman Isthmian League is an unpalatable prospect.

From the Association's point of view, we cannot influence who runs a club unless any wrong doing is proven, but it would certainly appear that a change of chairman would be the only solution to the current impasse between Mr Lazarou and the supporters, the local council and the football authorities.

Compiled from information received from the EST

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