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Green Lights
Room 101

June 2001

What they've said about us

The Unofficial (TGTLS) Enfield Town FC Homepage has had a few mentions on the www from time to time. Mostly good. Ian Plenderleith of When Saturday Comes (May 2001) said that:

"Having recently been to watch Enfield FC, only to find that their ground had been demolished over a year previously and replaced by new houses, I was eager to find out the whole story, duly supplied by The Unofficial Enfield FC website. Happily there were lots of pictures of what I had missed, though less happily the club is in crisis because no one can agree where or when a new stadium should be built. In short, another typical tale of lower-league shenanigans involving a slippery chairman and disgruntled fans
Still, I enjoyed the guide to the other grounds in the Ryman League (Croydon a pig of a place to visit during the winter) and hope that the next time I decide to waste a Saturday in north London looking for non-league football, Enfield FC are back somewhere near to where they belong."

Meanwhile, NLOTN (Non League On The Net) rated this site in March 2001 as a:

"Sprawling monster of a site, another one bursting with original and entertaining content (though again the navigation could be improved. Comprehensive match reports, entertainingly written and bang up-to-date, a guide to the grounds of the Ryman's Premier League, lots of fanzine articles, and a misty-eyed look back at the last days of Southbury Road (RIP). Also the TGTLS version of 'Room 101', the 'Fantasy Ballboy League', gossip, rumours, ranting and raving... you name it, it's here. On the negative side, the chant of 'We Love you Enfield' begins to grate after about the third time you hear it!"

Site navigation

The amount of grief this caused over the years! This has been made easier with the aid of a third column which allows the user to see what is contained within each category. There are twenty-nine categories to date, and the Reports section for instance contains approximately thirty-two pages which are all linked together via the month and seasons tabs. eighty-two pages in total.


Feedback is welcome on all aspects of this site, especially sarcastic comments, useless suggestions and broken links. Please let me know if something doesn't work properly, or could work better, please email robson_enfield@hotmail.com. If you are a fan and have anything to say about the club, why not say it on the Non-League forum, which is linked on the homepage.


Launched in May 1997, the Green Lights Website was, at first, an electronic version of the TGTLS News supporters fanzine with Enfield FC news thrown in for good measure. It is written for the most part by Neil Avey, and is purely his own opinion. Since the formation of Enfield Town FC, Neil Avey has relinquised control of the site to become the editor of the official Enfield Town FC website. He has since handed the Green Lights website over to Lee Robson to maintain as he wills. The site is written in notepad, so no fancy HTML package coding here mate. The site is independent of Enfield FC and Enfield Town FC, and the content in no way represents the view of the clubs or it's officials. All match reports and photographs are copyright ŠNeil Avey. All other content is either copyrighted by ŠRobson Productions or their respective authors